Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Yunan - (Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Kunming Nov2004)

18th Dec: Enbarked on the journey to Kunming. Reached Kunming and had a tour @ the Cultural Village. Was fed with lottas information on the 26th ethnic minorities of Yunan. All that lies deep in my mind are the ppl from Naxi, the MuoSuo ppl. After the visit, return to the hotel that we wld be staying while the kids resume their training regime. The hotel truly held my breathe.
19th Dec: Kids started their training after breakfast. Joined them in the JOG @ Dianchi. Unbelivable, Dianchi was just right under my nose when i woke up in the morning. This was my first time JOGGING in the COLD. I suppose that was a RARE occassion. Luckily, all of us adapted well as we slowly climatised to the weather there. Still the COLD was unbearable @ times. How i miss the SUNNY weather in SPORE.
20th Dec:Din wan to RUN in the cold... Thou Shalt have a BREAK. Friendly matches were played, both the soccer boys and the volley girls. It seems to be a clear cut win. Shalt not elaborate further;=) But it was a truly experience after all.
21st Dec: Resume my Run ... and after that continue to watch the friendly matches. Main Job as a video recorder... actually nothing much, juz switching places when they change court. At last @ nite we went to town. First TOWN EXPEDITION.... the caffine freaks finally can had their sip and after which we had KaRaOKE !!!
22nd Dec: Training for the Kids ... But hahah ...this time i "sneak out" to SHOP... hoho ... shopping rendevous was marvoulous. Finally no need to eat chinese buffet... went MAC to have a bite ... Was @ PArkson whole afternoon and it was indeed a fruitful shop. In the evening went SPA. well Factory outlet like SPA ... hmmm ... dun really like it ... but got more info from the massage girl abt where to get cheap stuffs and shop more in Kunming.
23rd DEc: Mummy supposed to reach Kunming @ 1215. Morning went Wholesale market to get sme winter wear and do an errand for colleague who is busy training the volley girls. Alright WE did manage to get the best bargain.